How to find a Hot-selling Amazon FBA product in one day (Bonus 3 steps to success guide!)

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Selling on Amazon can be overwhelming, especially if you are new to the game. One of the most important steps in the process is finding the right product to sell. In the past, scrolling through countless pages to find gems was the play, but now there are tried and true ways to discover product champions without sacrificing your time.

To find products to sell quickly on Amazon, we recommend you use an array of free and paid tools to discover niches, filter out the competition, and display targets within the parameters you specify.

Below we will go over several tools we use, and discuss tips and tricks to find your next hot item in no time!

First, you'll need a special tool we use called the Super Product Selector

What is the Super Product Selector?

The Gorillaz Tribe Super Product Selector (SPS) scorecard helps us evaluate potential products within a given set of parameters we have refined over the last few years selling products on Amazon. We use this tool to ensure we use data to drive our decision-making instead of emotions, which serves to mitigate our risk from the start.

With this scorecard you'll

  • take the fear out of picking a product.

  • decrease your risk of losing money.

  • end your information overload.

  • gain the confidence you need to take action.

  • finally pick a winning product.

This scorecard can help you filter your product research into parameters that, more often than not, result in a successful product. This is where most of your time is saved. When you know what to look for, it is amazing how much easier it is to find it.

It is completely free and you can download it here!

Now that you have the Gorillaz Tribe Super Product Selector tool, let's go over our 3-step process to find a product champion.

Our 3-step Process By now I hope it is apparent, but just in case I need to reiterate this point, Amazon FBA is not a get rich quick scheme. Making money on Amazon through Private Label, is a long process with a lot of potential risk. But if you follow the steps below, do your due diligence when it comes to research, and take massive action, you're more likely to succeed in the long run with this business.

#1 Learn the Products to Avoid

  • Avoid buying Amazon Mega-Bucks Lottery Tickets Avoid products that top sellers with thousands of reviews compete for. Your odds of winning against them are so minute, that your odds of winning the lottery are better.

  • Don't Swim with the Sharks Avoid products that sit in the top 10% of Amazon's Best Seller Ranking (BSR). Instead, diversify your risks and penetrate soft markets by selling multiple products with lower sales volume and fewer competitors. In essence, Be a big fish in a pond full of small fish. (sell products with fewer than 150 competitors)

  • Don't compete with Amazon If you see a brand called "Amazon Basics" in the first few spots, this could spell disaster for your product because not only are you competing with all of the sponsored ads on the page, but you are also at a significant disadvantage against Amazon's own brand.

  • Avoid Products that sell for less than $15 Your profit margins are very slim at this price and it will require a massive volume of sales to make any significant profits which would make the product worthwhile.

  • Electronics or Powered Products These products are generally more expensive to produce when quality is a focus, and tend to run into bulk quality issues, as there are more chances you'll have defects.

  • Complex Products with Multiple Pieces As with electronics, the more complex a product is, the higher likelihood you'll have defects, which will result in poor reviews and high returns. The more pieces your product has, the higher chances something will be missing.

  • Liquids or Chemicals Amazon takes safety very seriously when it comes to storing and shipping products that contain any liquids or chemicals. They require specific certifications and account longevity before they will allow any seller to sell a product which may contain harmful substances. You also run the risk of spillage during transport, which can ruin an entire batch of products. It is best to avoid this entirely.

  • Branded or Patented Products If you see a product that sells extremely well on Amazon, but has few competitors, there is a chance the product has a registered trademark or patent on the design or functionality. Always research any products that seem like outliers in the marketplace so you do not make the mistake of infringing upon another seller's rights, and invite potential litigation onto yourself.

  • Glass or Breakable Products It is very easy to understand why these products would make the list. Fragile products do not ship easily, and are nearly impossible to maintain a standard of quality unless dense packaging is employed. High quality glass products are heavy, and require far more care than you might expect. Furthermore, think about all the hands that exchange your products before your customer finally receives it.

  • Consumable Products Products that go on or in humans or pets. You are asking for trouble when it comes to the health requirements the FDA places upon manufacturing goods for people or pets. You will spend thousands of dollars on applications and paperwork long before your product is ever past the manufacturing process. At the very least, do not make consumable products as your first product. Wait until you have a lot of success on Amazon before attempting this kind of product.

#2 Fill an Existing Need

  • Do not be an inventor Amazon is not a place for inventions. Before you know if a product will sell, you need to have a demand for it. In other words, search Amazon for existing products and make improvements to them based on the market demand.

  • If nobody is searching for it, it won't sell. If customers do not know how to find your product, they cannot buy it. Don't reinvent the wheel, throw a fresh coat of paint or add some embellishments to the wheel. Your product needs some demand. Look for a few big sellers here to know it is competitive

  • Pick a product that you can make improvements to. Are there ways you can vary the product? Would a different material, size, color fill a need? If the product page has tons of the same exact product on it, it will be hard to stand out. Make sure the product you choose has some room for improvement.

  • Read product reviews and solve problems. Your best market research comes from your potential customers. All successful products have reviews. Look over the 1-3 star reviews to see why customers are critical of this product. Are there ways you can make improvements to solve those problems?

  • Improve the value or add a feature Adding in additional functionality, ease of use, or aesthetics can add significant value to your product over the competition. Avoid copying another product exactly. Instead, think of how you can make small adjustments to improve your customer's experience with it. Sometimes adding a different size handle or making something a little lighter is all that is needed to win.

  • Be the low-budget listing? If you are the budget listing, you'll have to make sure your price is low enough to be competitive with other budget listings. This means you may sell more volume, but you'll make less profit per sale. Choosing to have a low-budget offering may also mean you sacrifice quality by using lower quality materials.

  • Be the premium listing Choosing higher quality materials and packaging will enable you to be in more control over the pricing. If you are no longer competing for the lowest price, you can set your product apart as the highest quality version of the product available. You may not make as many sales as the budget listing, but chances are, if your product is well-made, you'll have far fewer returns and a higher reviews rating. The downside is the overall cost to manufacture.

#3 Take control of your Marketing

Professionally Optimize your Amazon Listings

  • Add amazing pictures

  • Make great product titles

  • Fill your bullet points with benefits, not features

  • Tell a story throughout your listing

  • Always answer your customer's questions

  • Work hard for and earn your reviews legitimately

  • Give great customer service

  • Underpromise and overdeliver

Commit to marketing throughout the entire lifespan of your product

  • Allot up to 40% of your budget on your marketing plan

  • Build a story about each of your products

  • Create a branded third-party website for your product

  • Consider creating a niche website and Youtube channel to build a following

  • Create a social media presence on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat etc.

  • Find unique and interesting ways to drive external traffic to your listings

  • Don't shy away from Amazon Sponsored Listings or Pay-Per-Click (PPC)

  • Run specials and promotions to gain momentum

Now that you understand what you are looking for and what to look out for, let's discuss what you'll need to do after you find your winning product.

What is expected out of you if you want to succeed

Most people absorb information, but then never take action on it. So in order to achieve success, we recommend you take action in any of these ways:

Find an accountability partner or group (Free to join)

Find a friend who is also interested in starting an Amazon FBA Private Label business and work together.

Join the Gorillaz Tribe Facebook group, state your goals, and we'll help hold you accountable to your word.

Invest in yourself

Enroll in an FBA course or join a mastermind group to ensure you get the best information possible, and all of your questions answered by the right people.

There is a difference between free groups and paid groups. Free groups tend to attract people who don't take action, and it is well known that people tend to become like those they associate with. If you want to truly be successful at this, it is time to start learning from and working with successful people. Successful people always have skin in the game, so they are more likely to push themselves toward their own success.

Join the Gorillaz Tribe

Use the right tools for the job

It is entirely possible to learn how to do everything in this business for free. If you are resourceful, you can find everything on the internet. The downside is that this will cost you your time instead of your money.

How valuable is your time?

The moment I realized how valuable my time was, I started investing my money in the right ways so that I could have more of it per day.

Instead of wasting hours scrolling through Amazon category pages looking at listings for a product idea, those that are success-minded choose to invest money into services that speed up the process.

  • Jungle Scout - Widely used and trusted

  • Helium10 - An amazing suite of tools with an a la carte subscription

  • Amasuite - A fantastic product suite you can download and use for a lifetime

We have also compiled a more detailed list of free and paid tools here.

Now instead of taking days or weeks to find a product, combine the Super Product Selector with your favorite product research tool, and you'll be sure to find a product champion in no time at all!